For 2018-2019 season, I’m playing a series of new programs featuring works by young and established composers, mixing interactive technology-based piano performance with purely acoustic works.

Material Imagination

I employ an exploratory and interdisciplinary approach to the performative aspects of ‘sound in space’, treating the acoustic environment as a hybrid term intersecting various fields. We all have seen and heard a piano. It’s sounds assume an immaterial quality that allow it to permeate space. From warm, and close as we stood next to the instrument for a first encounter, to distant cues reverberating in a giant concert hall, our memory has an infinite palette of collected piano sounds. more…

The Known World

Music for piano and mixed media for and from a changing climate

This concert program entitled The Known World features works for piano and mixed media created using environmental data. Five composers each bring their five distinct voices to raise awareness to ongoing environmental changes through sound and music. These pieces together create an instantly compelling palette, one that simultaneously combines current 3D fabrication technologies with ideas, materials and traditions inspired by the natural world. Electronic sounds mixed with breath, ice crackling, animal cries, hand-made instruments and sonic objects along with a technologically reimagined piano, create a kind of harmony with contrasting lyrical improvisations and the overhead whine, purr and rumble of the nearby urban environment.